James the Thickheaded is a former Medieval Studies undergrad now geezing through his fifties, living and working in the Washington, DC area over the past 27 years as an investment advisor and counselor after serving appropriate penances in graduate training in the field to troll a couple of letters after his name: MBA, CFA and CIC . Not finding these worthy of the presence of God that somehow manifests itself in our lives, he entered Orthodoxy from a lifetime of Anglicanism through the Western Rite Vicariate of the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America in 2006 and was chrismated in 2007.

After four years of worship and service there, he fell in love with the Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom and transferred to a local parish of the Orthodox Church in America where he continues to worship and serve today with an increasing abundance of joy. He is actively involved with the Orthodox Chrisitan Mission Center and to a lesser extent with the Fellowship of St. Silas. He is passionate about the christian peoples and the prospects for their care and feeding in the Orthodox Christian churches both here in America and beyond.

As time passes, his respect increases for all those who reverence and remember God in all the places of His dominion, giving thanks for their efforts to witness and make manifest the holiness of His Kingdom. We all start somewhere, and having spent a lifetime dancing along the starting line, he is in no position to do more than handicap his own prospects. He has no clerical ambitions, nor can he claim much more for his writing than what shows here.

He remains thankful for the understanding, support and benevolence of the family God has given him and added to over the years. This small church has schooled him as the laboratory of a christian life lived both fully (and less so at times) and with all the errors and blessings common to the contemporary struggles of our lives, and despite the lack of what he could fairly measure as relative hardships, it has nevertheless given modest insights into the manner of God’s riddles, hidden riches, and love and prospective hope that the relative abundance of American life may not completely obscure the path of salvation, nor our willingness to follow in her footsteps.

I am thankful as well for your interest, your forebearance, and especially for the gift of accountability your eyeballs offer. My life indeed depends on yours, as does my salvation. And as if it matters – but okay, let’s pretend: Copyright: Washington, DC 2013. Material may be used subject to the usual attributions and limitations… if you’re that crazy.


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